Rebranding + Micro-interactions

Time frame: 2 months

Team: Raymond Pai

My Role

  • Planned design process and deployed appropriate methods for research.

  • Conducted generative and evaluative research to scope re-branding direction.

  • Outlined and determined touch points to prioritize screens.

  • Generated micro-interactions for delightful experiences and clear feedback.



The Issue

In today’s day and age, music is always accessible. With the development of AI and algorithms that help you discover new tracks, have we reached the pinnacle of digital experiences with music? SoundCloud has fallen to the wayside to competitors like Spotify and struggle to remain relevant. Many platforms focus on the individual experience; however, this rebrand focuses on the experience of sharing music. 

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp2.png




Share Tomorrow's Music, Today.

The new SoundCloud reinvents links for sharing music. Sharing music was always meant to be more fun than clicking a link and opening a track. With the new stickers and utilizing live streams, both listeners and producers are able to connect with one another and share music in a more meaningful way.


Allow individuals to share music in a memorable way

Provide upcoming artists and opportunity to increase exposure

Promote engagement in the music listening experience





The re-imagined SoundCloud is built upon the introduction of stickers, a way to decorate and share music.

Live Streams