I have an insatiable curiosity about the world. The people. The technology. Why something works. How it works. Always trying to learn something new.

Photography by Timmy Chiu

I am an end-to-end product designer leveraging both my design and technical background to solve complex problems. My insatiable curiosity has led to a breadth of experiences that enable me to thrive in ambiguous environments. Together we’ll use data to build the right thing. For the right reason. For the right people.

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Here's a look into how I reframe the world around me through a different lens...


visual effects reel

Here's some of my 3D work from my past life where I utilize visual effects to convey a compelling story

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I'm always interested in meeting new people. Whether you want to talk about my work, the role of design, what the future could possibly hold, or just random things you've seen on Reddit... feel free to reach out!


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