IoT Device + Mobile Prototyping


Time frame: months

Team: Bobbie Chen, Katanyu Guin-glr Chuenmeechow, Andrew Connolly, Rissa Lee

My Role

I collaborated in a cross functional team with a product designer, an engineer, and two business analysts on this IoT project. I was working end-to-end as I was involved from the early stages of concepting, conducting remote usability tests through to the prototyping of the micro-interactions. This was created right before the pandemic and has become more relevant than ever as society transitions back into the office. How does one maintain the productivity you had at home? How do you communicate your availability to other individuals living in the same space?



The Story

You’re focused and finally in a good rhythm for working. You’re in the midst of a breakthrough when a coworker comes by to ask you a question. To avoid being seen as unfriendly, you talk to them at the cost of your productivity. You can’t just put yourself as busy in-person like you can on Slack. It’s not their fault, how could they know? Or could they? Introducing Dash, a system to bring your Slack status IRL to prevent unwanted interruptions in the workplace while promoting healthy conversations.


Who are we building it for?

Dash benefits any individual in a physical workplace, although it was initially designed primarily for those with cognitively demanding work and most susceptible to a loss of productivity from unwanted interruptions. By providing transparency into one’s availability, all parties are engaging in conversations when they want and need to.


Remove the need to tip-toe around unspoken workplace etiquette


An IoT solution to workplace interruptions. Dash brings your Slack status into real life to reduce interruptions and create more meaningful conversations through clear communication. It’s more than a productivity tool. It brings people closer together by reducing the uncertainty and awkwardness of approaching coworkers.


Reduce interruptions that negatively impact productivity

Provide transparency and visibility into one’s availability to talk

Increase the opportunity for meaningful conversations that strengthen the relationship between coworkers